Dean’s office

College Deanship

An introductory summary about the Deanship of the College represented by its deans and its organizational  structure 


Dean of the College!

He is a person with authority whose task is to supervise a specific academic unit or a specific academic area or a domain assigned to him, in most academic units, authorizing the Dean to use executive powers in his academic unit, such as taking the necessary measures to appoint faculty members in various faculties of specialization, and working to Opening new specialties according to the needs of the labor market, and securing the complete needs

Deputy Dean

Dr. Abdul Jalil Al Obaidi

Ph.D in Renewable Energy - 2014 CE

Dr. Jamil Sultan

PhD in Electrical, Electronics and Systems Engineering - Malaysia - 2012

Dr. Gaoud Al Hammad

PhD in Graphic Design - 2013