Faculty Members

Learn why Sana'a Community college prepares more teachers for more options

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Through the attempt to improve education inside it, the college built relationships with others authorities who share the same interest.


Graduation is a time of celebration. After all, it's not every day that you complete a major milestone in your life.


Statistics prove that the activity of college in its educational process and indicate that the college has an importance in building and development in its society.

How to Apply

Application Documents

Applicants must fill the application form and attach the following documents:

  • A certificate of Yemen secondary school (or) equality certificate from the recognized board of secondary school (with transcript).
  • A copy of an ID-card for Yemeni national.
  • A copy of the applicant passport for foreigners.
  • Two recent passport size photos.
  • A written promise to abide by the college laws and policies.
  • The receipt of application for a non-refundable admission fee YR 1500 for Yemeni nationals and $20 for foreigners fee can be paid by mail .