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Learn why Sana'a Community college prepares more teachers for more options

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Through the attempt to improve education inside it, the college built relationships with others authorities who share the same interest.


Graduation is a time of celebration. After all, it's not every day that you complete a major milestone in your life.


Statistics prove that the activity of college in its educational process and indicate that the college has an importance in building and development in its society.

Community Center

Community Service Center and Human Recourses Development.

Sana’a Community College established Community Service Center and Human Recourses to participate in training and qualifying the society needs and requirements.

The center aims to achieve the following:

  • To contribute in revitalization of the training and qualifying to increase the scientific and proficient level of human sources in the units of public, private and mixed sectors by allowing them to get the knowledge and skills to develop their experiences which help in improving their career competency and developing their outcomes as a part of the concept of continuing education and ongoing training.
  • 2- To contribute in alleviation of poverty and unemployment by:
    • Allowing the second opportunity and informal training of members , male and female, who have previous education or experience , and their situations don’t allow them to continue the formal study or those who missed educational opportunities for their rehabilitation in appropriate specialized professional occupations according to the needs of the labor market and the surrounding environment and personal abilities in order to increase employment opportunities available to them and expand the horizons of professional practice in front of them too.
    • Allowing the opportunities of training in order to revitalize the self- employment projects and to encourage the establishment of small and micro enterprises that allow the trainees to get the required skills in business development for the establishment and management of small and micro enterprises, whether literal or service projects with a focus on the economic feasibility study for the project, studying the market, planning for the project , preparing the budget , managing the staff, and how to market the outcomes of these projects and to facilitate getting the necessary resources in order to change the members from research workers into businessmen and employers .