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Learn why Sana'a Community college prepares more teachers for more options

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Through the attempt to improve education inside it, the college built relationships with others authorities who share the same interest.


Graduation is a time of celebration. After all, it's not every day that you complete a major milestone in your life.


Statistics prove that the activity of college in its educational process and indicate that the college has an importance in building and development in its society.

تعليق الدراسة لمدة شهر بسبب تفشي وباء مرض كورونا

Publication Date: 3/15/2020 تقرر تعليق الدراسة حسب قرار وزارة التعيلم الفني والتدريب المهني لمدة شهر بسبب تفشي وباء مرض كورونا ابتداء من غدا الاثنين 16 مارس 2020 وذلك لمصلحة وسلامة ابنائنا الطلبة وسلامة الجميع